855-883-1688 / 8558831688 - 800notes

You can find it on 800notes.com . They send me coupons via snail mail though, which I don't use because they expire too soon. Called around 4:30 pm when I was on another & important call. They "beeped in" via Call Waiting, which I ignored since it was a toll free number. Those are always unwanted callers. The ID said "Toll Free Call", not Lenscrafters.

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702-979-1589 / 7029791589

7 days ago Offered a bunch of dinner coupons, and show tickets for a crazy low price. Like $350 for 2 people. Told her it was too good to be true and asked if she could send me info on it. She said she could, once I reserved the package with a 14 day money back guarantee. I said I don't want to give my credit card over the phone to someone who called me.

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800-528-7550 / 8005287550

8 days ago This company ETM appears to be a third party biller for "cheep-coupons.n**" Foolish me, had 18 months of $9.98 charge to my checking account. Called ETM at this number and they cancelled right away. Bank is working on fraud claim. Report a phone call from 800-528-7550: Caller. The company that called you. Call type . Phone number or keyword

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720-639-7978 / 7206397978 - 800notes

3 days ago For just $4.95, to cover shipping & handling, we will send you $100 worth of shopping coupons you can use at any local restaurant or store. In addition, for 30 days, and no added cost, we will provide you with free credit reports, credit card loss protection, blah, blah..Actually admitted he was calling from an India call center.

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888-237-8289 / 8882378289 - 800notes

6 days ago was Best Buy's automated system nagging to shop at their stores again and use my reward card. I've stopped shopping there months ago because they make it a huge choir to price match (I bring in the other stores sale ad or printed from website and they don't believe either to be legit so have to make *several* phone calls).

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202-334-6100 / 2023346100 - 800notes

7 days ago I live in DC metro area, and, have been a subscriber to Washington Post since 1977. I have always,ALWAYS, paid by check. Last month had $250.00 charge on my Capital One Visa for Washington Post, along with phone number (202) 334-6100.

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602-892-7998 / 6028927998 - 800notes

10 days ago They just called and asked if I received the pink bag that was delivered with coupons in it. I said yes (didn't) and then he asked if they could keep delivering it and I said no and he said that Sears and Staples are now in it and I told him I didn't need anything and hung up.

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418-907-8404 / 4189078404

10 days ago Same as Madambill above - Only called once but caller rattled off that I had won all kinds of coupons at an address in Magog Quebec. Difficult to understand her. Not claiming these supposed coupons. Sounds like a hoax.

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360-759-2699 / 3607592699

9 days ago Based off what I have gathered this appears to be a call from a telemarketer with Gift Tree trying to email people about coupons for future Gift Tree items. All they did was say they are sending it via email to which I said "sure" and that was that.

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604-265-6056 / 6042656056 - 800notes

2 days ago It very well could have been them as I had just placed an order but I had also used an unknown coupon code to get $1.60 off of my order and it seemed a little fishy since they should already have my card info so I just said to leave the sauce off of my order. I got it anyway and didn't pay extra so who knows.

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765-705-8734 / 7657058734 - 800notes

9 days ago Exactly how much personal information would they be getting by you answering whether you received these coupons or not? Reply! 765-705-8734 summary and related numbers. Report a phone call from 765-705-8734: Caller. The company that called you. Call type . Phone number or keyword you want to search for

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800-736-4775 / 8007364775

6 days ago 800-736-4775. 800 area code: Toll-free . Read comments below about 8007364775. Report unwanted calls to help identify who is using this phone number. 0. Jim. 22 Apr but they did send coupons to cut the cost down some. but mostly I loved his pictures they tool. Reply! 0. floyd curtis replies to A Mom. 5 Nov 2013.

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765 area code - 800notes

2 days ago 765 area code. 765 area code. Country: USA. Location: Indiana (Kokomo, Lafayette, Marion) Exactly how much personal information would they be getting by you answering whether you received these coupons or not? 1. 7652303790. Dawn - 16 Nov 2019. Constantly calls. 1. 7655705003. Thomas - 16 Nov 2019. No one said anything. 1.

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704-729-0268 / 7047290268 - 800notes

2 days ago I get calls from multiple 704 numbers - all the Charlotte Observer attempting to sell me a subscription. Every time I mention unnecessary landfill waste just to get coupons (the current selling point) they skip to the fact that it's an outrageously low price right now!

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682-888-5748 / 6828885748

8 days ago Got "final notice" letter about a parcel to claim. They bought my info from a recent move, and were trying to get a technician to come out and test the water / sell water filtration supplies in exhange for a "welcome package" of coupons.

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1-800-695-1063 / 18006951063 (2)

7 days ago 800-695-1063 from Comentiy Bank this is a scam. Called today on a Sunday 1/15/17. My advice is to call the retail store credit card number directly on your statements if they're thru Comentity Bank and see if there is an issure with your account. I just checked all my accounts no issues.

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720-445-7312 / 7204457312 - 800notes

9 days ago Seems to be a big scam and probably lots of fake callerid's involved. Mine read Denver CO but the message was the typical annoying "update your google listing" idiots too stupid to not realize they are calling a residential number.

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602-644-9725 / 6026449725

10 days ago I hadn't meant to imply that the book of coupons was real, or that they hired a private investigator to get permission to deliver one. They're just trying to confirm information, verify that the number they dialed matches the person whose address they have, for the purposes of extortion, scam, etc.

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757-947-0249 / 7579470249 - 800notes

8 days ago 757-947-0249. Country: USA. 757 area code: Virginia (Chesapeake, Hampton, Newport News) hahaha said i won mcdonalds coupons and got 125 bucks and a trip to williamsburg and they would call back in 2 hours. times allmost up. do i really win free mcdonalds cause that would be great. (18 and i has limited funds)

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