9 Ulta Shopping Tips - Byrdie

You can find it on Byrdie.com . Coupons might bring to mind images of old ladies furiously clipping and snipping pages of newspapers, but guess what—they’re still totally relevant, and Ulta Beauty has some great ones. If you sign up for its Ultamate Rewards program, you’ll most likely get mailed the much-coveted 20% off coupon at one point or other. (Also make sure to

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7 Great Websites for Makeup Deals - Byrdie

5 days ago Glambot is great for makeup hoarders (like myself) who want to buy or sell gently used products. It’s perfect for those who want to try new trends or products, but aren’t willing to spend the full price for high-end makeup. If you want to sell your own assortment of goodies, the site will send you a free shipping label, and then review your products.

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I Used a Lip-Plumping Device for 7 Days, Here's My Review

4 days ago As beauty editors, we get bombarded with a ton of new products every day (we know—tough life). Reviewed is a series where we report on some of the best products we’ve tried. Whether it’s a drugstore lipstick that lasted all day or a hand cream that saved us this winter, you’ll find all of our favorites in this column.

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The 11 Best Body Lotions for Dry Skin of 2020

5 days ago Your body skin needs moisturizer too. Shop our picks of the best body lotions for dry skin from top brands including Eucerin, Dove, CeraVe, and more.

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The Best Places to Buy Discounted Beauty Products Online

5 days ago "I love Ipsy and Birchbox for beauty kits," says makeup artist Kristine Cruz at the Antonio Prieto Salon. "For just $10 a month, you get to try new upcoming makeup and skin care products tailored to you (and your needs). Each box comes with five samples and a small makeup bag.

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The 8 Best Whitening Toothpastes of 2020

3 days ago This toothpaste whitens with peroxide and baking soda for double the effectiveness, lifting stains and bringing a brighter smile.It contains fluoride to prevent cavities, removes plaque in tough-to-reach spots, controls tartar, neutralizes harmful acids that can erode and weaken enamel, delivers a deep clean by penetrating between teeth to reach the gum line, and has a low abrasion formula

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How to Get Sephora Free Samples, Makeovers, and Gifts

5 days ago It's really pretty easy to get free stuff from Sephora, the secret is knowing what they have available that's free for the taking. Look below to find out how you can get free makeup, free samples, free makeovers, free beauty services, free classes, and more.

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Your Fragrance Bible for the Scent-Obsessed

7 days ago Calling us fragrance-obsessed here at Byrdie HQ would be an understatement. In this section, you'll find the perfumes our editors can't stop spritzing, new scent ingredient trends, interviews for iconic perfumers, and more.

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8Greens Supplement Review - Byrdie

6 days ago On paper, Dawn Russell, the woman behind the nutrient-rich supplement called 8Greens, has the kind of life reminiscent of a modern-day fairy tale: An American model meets British royalty, falls in love, gets married, and moves to London where she now resides happily with her husband and two sons.

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Love Wellness Bye Bye Bloat Review - Byrdie

4 days ago Hearing Lo Bosworth's name might conjure up faint notes of Natasha Bedingfield's "Unwritten" off in the distance, but the Manhattan transplant is much more than her Laguna Beach and The Hills days. She co-hosts a successful female-empowerment podcast, Lady Lovin', and launched a health-and-wellness line called Love Wellness full of good-for-you natural and organic ingredients vetted by doctors.

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What Dermatologists Buy at Sephora: A Tell-All

5 days ago Recently, we were privy to the Sephora shopping lists of another important group: top dermatologists. As much as we want to test out the most popular serums and foundations, they're not always skin-friendly, so discovering which products get the stamp of approval from those whose lifeblood is to care for the body's largest organ was a real treat.

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Kin Euphorics Is a Non-Alcoholic Drink That Relaxes You

3 days ago After two years of living in New York, I've come to learn a few universal truths. You cry only the first time your new boots get soaked by the spray of a swerving taxi (you then proceed to stop wearing nice boots), you start blaming the train for, well, everything, and—the biggest lesson of all—eventually, somehow, alcohol infiltrates itself into almost every aspect of your life.

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The 15 Best Places to Buy Perfume Online of 2020

4 days ago Those who love a good deal will appreciate the notably discounted prices and the plethora of coupons always available, making this a great pick for more affordable perfume shopping. Shipping is free, too, and there’s a good selection of samples that you can also buy.

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When and How to Break up With Your Hairstylist

5 days ago If you want to stay at the same salon, ask about coupons, discounts, or specials. If they have a referral program, even better—you could get credit for each referral, and your stylist gets more clients. It's a win-win. Another workaround? Try going to an inexpensive hairdresser for trims and touch-ups, and stick with your go-to person for

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The 14 Best Walmart Makeup Products of 2020

4 days ago Quality beauty tools like makeup brushes can cost a lot of money, but these brushes feel and apply makeup just like professional brands. Professional makeup artists and YouTube beauty influencers Sam and Nic Chapman worked together to create a line of affordable, cruelty-free synthetic makeup brushes.

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These Are the 15 Best Sephora Shopping Tips

6 days ago But even the most Sephora-obsessed consumers don't get an inside look at the company like the people who've worked there do. We have a certain fascination with Sephora cast members: Do they receive as many free products as we think they do? Are there any genius shopping tips sitting right under our noses?

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20 Classic and Cool Short Hairstyles for Older Women

3 days ago Still, there's something so liberating about chopping it all off, and your 50s is as good a time as any to try out a new cropped 'do that's modern and sophisticated.Whether you've got wavy, coarse, curly, fine, or straight hair, there's definitely cut for you. A word to the wise: If you've worn long hair for the majority of your life, you should know that a shorter cut usually requires more

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The 11 Best Tanning Wipes & Towelettes of 2020

3 days ago These tanning wipes for the face are one of the most beloved options out there. Not only will they give your face the beachy glow you want year-round, but unlike many other tanning formulas, they're packed with skincare heroes like vitamin D and exfoliating AHAs and BHAs to give your skin a healthy, radiant look from within. Microencapsulated DHA and soy proteins are included to give off an

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How to Score Fragrance Samples For Free or Cheap

3 days ago You can customize a discovery set at Douglas Little's small-batch artisanal line Heretic Parfum and when you buy a sample palette at clean fragrance line Skylar, you receive a coupon code towards a full size product. Macy's sells a discovery kit with traditional boxed cologne samples. So many options!

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An Honest Lashify Review With Photos - Byrdie

7 days ago Lashify's founder, Sahara Lotti, was a lash-extension devotee like myself but was tired of going back for refills every few weeks and spending upward of $100 each time—not to mention seeing the damage it was doing to her natural lashes.

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The 10 Best Hair Dryers for Thick Hair of 2020

3 days ago People with thick hair know that blow-drying is a marathon, not a sprint. They're used to holding a hair dryer up for what seems like millennia while it whips their hair around, makes their arm weary, and drones on in their ear.

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The 4 Best Hair Color Removers and Correctors of 2020

3 days ago If you have dyed your hair at home often over the years and feel confident in your ability, you may be able to use a color remover yourself. No matter which product you choose, make sure that you fully understand and follow the instructions. While the recommended products are gentler than other formulas, they can leave you with dry, damaged hair that will be difficult to restore.

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The Difference Between Partial and Full Highlights

4 days ago When you're trying to pick which service is right for you, don't worry if you don't get it just right. When in doubt, shoot your hair stylist a message or a phone call to clarify any questions you have and for a little guidance.

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Kim Kardashian Diet - Byrdie

6 days ago However, forcing myself to grocery-shop and meal-prep gave me a sense of accomplishment I hadn’t felt since the time I tried to order free doughnuts off Postmates so many times that the system crashed and the team there offered me a 20% coupon code as an apology.

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Cocoa Butter for Skin: The Complete Guide

4 days ago Many women claim that the regular use of cocoa butter kept stretch marks at bay both during and after pregnancy. Now, those claims are obviously anecdotal, but you will find a ton of anti-stretch mark cocoa butter products to choose from. In fact, Palmers, a skincare line devoted to cocoa butter, offers a product just for stretch marks.Similarly, the ingredient is reputed to help heal scars.

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The Sugar Me Smooth Hair Removal Kit Review

10 days ago This sugaring hair removal paste kit is great once you get the hang of it, but terrible the first few times of use. If you're willing to put in the effort to learn the proper technique to get the full benefits of the product, then give it a try. If you're expecting it to work the first time for you and you have no patience, then I'd recommend continuing to do what you are doing or go see a

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The 14 Best Sulfate-Free Shampoos of 2020 - Byrdie

3 days ago By now, we’re accustomed to seeing shampoo and body wash—even hand soap—labeled as being “sulfate-free.”In fact, the term sulfate-free has become something of a buzzword.

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How to Smell Good Without Wearing Fragrance

7 days ago We're bonafide fragrance fanatics here at Byrdie HQ, don't get us wrong. But isn't there something so appealing about having a great natural scent without much outside help? (Not to mention that even perfume can quickly turn awful when intermingled with other funky smells.)

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What is the L'Oreal Consumer Testing Program Actually Like?

4 days ago The most important area on your dashboard when you're getting started with the L'Oreal Consumer Testing Program is Available Surveys.This where you can take surveys and qualify to be in a product test study.

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