You can find it on Forums.tesla.com . Hi guys, I'm considering buying a few items for my 2016 MS from EVANNEX.com(calipers covers,rim protectors, etc). Anyone have a promo code where I can safe some $$?

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Here is $10 Off Accessories from Abstract Ocean :) Tesla

5 days ago I just purchased some accessories from Abstract Ocean and I was given a $10 referral link if anyone is interested in some stuff for their Tesla.

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Model S for Kids (referral prize) Tesla

1 days ago Hi. Has anyone claimed their Model S for Kids coupon code at the Radio Flyer website? The code I used did not work at the RAdio Flyer Tesla checkout. It says invalid. Humbugs! I emailed Tesla referral but I don't know if it's just a bot receiving it.

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Tesla Model S Tesla

4 days ago Posting to the Tesla Forums is now limited to verified Owners. To request verification, contact [email protected] from the email associated to your Tesla account. Tesla Model S

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Nomad's Wireless Charger - 30% off today Tesla

2 days ago I just ordered under this new discount and sent an email requesting a cancellation of the old. Once the 20% preorder discount goes away, which it will soon, it will never be this cheap again.

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Jeda Wireless Pad Tesla

4 days ago I ran across this product to convert the phone charging docks in the Model 3 to a wireless pad so I can easily charge my Samsung S8+. Does Tesla offer anything like this or is the only way to achieve this through a 3rd party product?

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Anyone have the Tesla Forum Xpel promotion code? Tesla

1 days ago Anyone have the Tesla Forum Xpel promotion code? Anyone have the Tesla Forum Xpel promotion code? Submitted by hyucks on November 20, 2017 . I understand we ha e a special promotion code for Xpel products on their online site as part of our forum. Anyone have the promotion code?

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Floor mats and any other accessories? Tesla

4 days ago Has anyone bought floor mats for their M3 yet? I have just generic ones for now, but looking for specific ones for M3. There are a few on ebay priced all over the range. Looking for suggestions. Also, any particular must have accessories for interior? Is center console wrap indeed needed?

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Model 3 Power Liftgate (auto open/close) Tesla

1 days ago That looks pretty slick. Seems like it would be a lot of work to install though. There's a sensor under the car to detect your foot and a new button inside the trunk to close it?

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Suntek vs XPEL vs ? Paint protection film Tesla

2 days ago I'm getting my car wrapped next Thursday (full front end, full hood, full doors, rear fenders, rear bumper). The company offers both Suntek and XPEL ultimate film, but have recommended Suntek because of the better (in their opinion) healing properties. I know at least one person on the forum has used XPEL. Anyone else got experience of either product (or any others) and can offer an opinion?

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Perfect "mat" for Model 3 Trunk Well Tesla

9 days ago I got mats from Tesla for both the frunk and the trunk, but they are not currently offering anything for the trunk well below the trunk. Since my wife likes to put plants in there after trips to the garden center, I went on a search. Here is what I found on Amazon: "EPHome Extra Large Multipurpose Silicone Nonstick Pastry Mat (23.6" by 15.77")."

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Model 3 Black Friday Deals Tesla

7 days ago I got an e-mail from RPM Tesla with a bunch of Black Friday deals and a 25% off coupon code: "Black Friday" onetwocombo | November 21, 2018 . Nice, thanks. I'm trying to find a screen protector that matches the curve at the bottom of the display screen. Yesterday my 3 year old climbed up front and started smacking her toy on the screen

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Loyalty Discount? Tesla

9 days ago Would other owners who bought earlier versions of the model S be appeased by a "loyalty discount"? If TM would be so kind as to offer a 5-10K discount for repeat buyers, would that satisfy the masses? Obviously this would cut in to profit margins, but the overall numbers would be small, and would go a long way toward solidifying the loyalty of some owners who may feel somewhat unappreciated.

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Sales tax question Tesla

4 days ago Question for those who have purchased a Tesla How is sales tax handled in the purchase? If the car is ordered online (no sales tax as far as I know), but you take delivery and pay for the remainder at your home how does the whole sales tax thing work? Is it legal to place an order in a state that does not have sales tax and take delivery there to avoid your home state's sales tax?

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ToughPRO floor mats Tesla

2 days ago Anyone have these yet? I ordered them yesterday without the frunk and truck mats, ebay had the 15% off coupon making them $67. Was going to get frunk and trunk mats from Tesla.

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P85 : Upgrading from 3G to LTE worth it? Tesla

3 days ago I'm due for my 4th annual service, and I'm thinking about upgrading from 3G to LTE. I figure it will help with streaming related issues and general connectivity improvements. Has anyone done this? If so, is it worth the $500? Thanks in advance.

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Seat Belt Extenders Tesla

2 days ago For what's it worth, I asked via chat with the seatbeltextenderpros site about the model 3, rear seat window type. It is a type T. I wasn't able to find a cheaper option than going directly through seatbeltextenderpros. Recommend using a coupon code from retail me not.

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Body repair Tesla

2 days ago I have a small dent on front right door, took it to recommended authorized body shop. The cost to repair the dent, match the paint is $2000. The question is who to blame? Tesla for not thinking about extra cost of removing parts? (The estimator told me other car companies build the car so that multiple parts can be replaced without need of disassemble of the whole car) Or, body shops taking

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Automatically raise/ close windows when you walk away Tesla

8 days ago Tesla is the one of my favourite car, it has best features. To get $500 free you have to participate in Wendy's food survey https://www.wendyswantstoknows.com not only cash price there is a chance to win free food coupons in wendy's restaurant. Person who has the interest follow the rules and win the price money.

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Heads upJeda QI Wireless Pad is now avaiiable Tesla

2 days ago Im not using my coupon code so here is 1 lucky winner: zoxu-hnuw-rc0s. sroh | May 8, 2018 @JPPTM, ya, that seems like a good solution. No reason you couldn't do that with the Jeda pad also. Unlike the center console, which needs to be wrapped asap to avoid scratches which are sure to come, I'm going to wait on the wireless charging pad until

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Front driver's license plate Tesla

3 days ago I just received my license plates in the mail and discovered there are no holes through which to attach a front license plate, which is required in most states (including mine). I'm wondering what I'm missing? I'm confident Tesla wouldn't sell a car which was not street legal in most U.S. states.

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JuiceBox Level 2 (L2) EV Charger Group Buy - Up to 15% off

2 days ago I'm a new EV owner and worked out a deal for us with eMotorWerks - the makers of the JuiceBox EV Charger. Here's how the group buy works: Use coupon code FFGROUP You'll get 5% off instantly + Free Shipping. At the end of next week (4/5 at midnight PST), a refund will be issued to everyone in the FFGROUP based on how many FFGROUP people ordered.

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How many referral do you have? Tesla

2 days ago Sadly, I have no referrals nor will I ever have any, albeit not for want of trying. My friends like that I have my M3, and they truly like driving it, but they tell me they won't buy one.

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Home Charging Installation Cost Tesla

2 days ago Home Charging Installation Cost . Submitted by MB2 on February 2, 2017 . In preparation for my impending Model X delivery, I have started getting quotes for installation of a NEMA 14-50 outlet vs. the Tesla HPWC. I talked to two local electricians and two electricians that were on the Tesla website who are not exactly local, but within striking

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Abstract Ocean light discounts today Tesla

2 days ago Just ordered the 12 pack of lights for the S & on check out it discounted it by $35 & then I applied discount code rtlpodcast for another $19 off for a total of $54 off fantastic deal.

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Youtube videos are going to screw us all Tesla

5 days ago Just as what happened with the original Auto Pilot where people just couldn't resist posting their stupidity on Youtube, Tesla eventually had to add so many restrictions to AP that it ruined for the majority who use it responsibly. In just a few days, already seeing countless idiotic youtube videos of people abusing Enhanced Summon. So, enjoy it while you can because soon enough, there will be

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Anyone order and receive the Jeda wireless charging pad

2 days ago I have ordered the Jeda Wireless charging pad for the Model 3. I ordered about 3 weeks ago. I sent an email to the company last week, and I am still awaiting their response regarding the status of my order. I am excited to get it. Looks like it will be a great product, at least according to the reviews on Youtube from the few owners who have gotten it.

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Tesla branded key fob covers on sale today until 6 pm CST

2 days ago I realize there's not much time left, but I just happened to be shopping for key fob covers this afternoon and discovered that Abstract Ocean is having a 30% off sale on Tesla branded products. They were forced to remove Tesla branded products from their web site tomorrow, so everything is 30% off until 6 pm CST today. To get the discount, you must enter the coupon code "takedown."

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Got Mine :) Tesla

2 days ago 3/31/16 – Overnight line waiter #17 in Buena Park 2/22 Config at 10am – Red, aero, PUP, FSD, LR 4/5 called to request change of DC at 1:00pm 4/5 VIN at 4:00pm 11XXX 4/6 Call from Nevada to schedule delivery at 4:00pm 4/17 Pickup at Marina Del Rey 5:00pm Financing – Financial Partners Credit Union – 1.99% for 72 months Tesla parts: Aero Cap covers Wheel Locks T-shirt, hat

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"We expect your Tesla to be ready between 12/20-12/31" Tesla

2 days ago I just got a text message: "Congrats! We expect your Tesla to be ready between 12/20-12/31, before the federal tax credit ends. Please be available during this timeframe to ensure on-time delivery." I am a day 1 reservation holder, ordered MR on 10/19 and have patiently been waiting for a VIN or something. I guess this is something, but they sure are pushing it to the very last moment!

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OEM Michelin Tire at 3/32 after 21K mile - Tesla

2 days ago I took my '18 Model 3 LR RWD to Discount Tire and they were not surprised to see the tires at 3/32 after 21K miles. I requested them to call Michelin warranty line (after seeing a few posts where customers where able to get up to 50% back from Michelin) and request for a % offer as refund which can be used towards purchase of 4 new Michelin Tires.

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Promo in NJ/NY during gas shortage after storm Tesla

2 days ago Or if you want the sarcastic response: Yeah, Elon could tweet "Enter coupon code 39DEAD for 10% a parcel shelf!" What should Tesla Motors/Elon Musk do, if they seek to get involved? Donate to the American Red Cross and put a link on the TM web site, front page, to let visitors make a donation of their own.

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Free SuperCharger miles jumped from 2k to 8.5k Tesla

2 days ago Today morning I checked my loot box and Free SC miles jumped from 2k to 8.5k. I don't see new referral in my account and don't remember sharing my code lately with anybody. Anybody seeing same thing in your account?

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Rim rash Tesla

4 days ago Hi All, I was just wondering what people are doing for minor rim rash (eeek). Any specific touch up paints that you all have used and like? Does Tesla sell an actual pain match for Grey 21's. Any specific match that you guys have used? Thanks in advance for any input.

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Smoke/CO detector in garage? Tesla

4 days ago Have any of you guys made any smoke/CO detector changes after your Tesla setup? Just to be on the safe side? Curiously, Nest says they don't recommend putting detectors in unfinished garages because of temp fluctuations and CO from cars which I can understand for ICE but not a Tesla.

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pay no attention to the SR M3 behind the curtain Tesla

2 days ago I heard even upper class folks use coupons. What's bothering me is Tesla upsold me, but there expensive product has a decent chance of hardware issues as others have posted on this forum. Do you think I'm looking at this wrong?

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Happy Thanksgiving - (A WARNING and "short" story) Tesla

2 days ago Happy Thanksgiving - (A WARNING and "short" story) Submitted by mntlvr23 on November 23, 2017 I waited in line for the store to open to get my turkey but people that had frequent shopper coupons and ordered after me are getting their orders first because they live near the farm. I just hope I get a free case of RedBull for waiting in line

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Did you forget to use a referral code for free 6 months of

2 days ago @jjgunn - "Nobody on this forum has one of these magic codes." rykemapo - "Wait. We all do. We just don't publically whore our codes out." Exactly right, all owners have a referral code that they can give to others to use.

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Tesla branded key fob covers on sale today until 6 pm CST

8 days ago I realize there's not much time left, but I just happened to be shopping for key fob covers this afternoon and discovered that Abstract Ocean is having a 30% off sale on Tesla branded products. They were forced to remove Tesla branded products from their web site tomorrow, so everything is 30% off until 6 pm CST today. To get the discount, you must enter the coupon code "takedown."

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New 2014 Model S Calendar Tesla

2 days ago If you got our last year's Tesla calendar, these are the same photos with a few minor tweaks. We don't make any money from it as it was something we wanted for ourselves and can make available to anyone else who wants one. For a short time (until Jan-6), use Coupon code NEWYR14 to save 50%.

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2018 Tesla Model S Quality Tesla

2 days ago After waiting for 3 months my 2018 Tesla Model S finally arrived. On the day of pickup I was told the radio doesn't work but don't worry we'll fix it. Which they did, so it seemed. On my first full day of driving the radio stopped working, the backup sensor chimes worked on and off, the vanity mirror lights stopped working, the garage door opener would work on and off.

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New X Just Ordered. Who's Referral Code to Use? Tesla

2 days ago New X Just Ordered. Who's Referral Code to Use? Submitted by dliving2010 on June 13, 2016 . I just placed my order for a X 90D. However, I still need to provide the referral code. I now have 2 of 5 coupons used, so I assume one is yours, though they don't list who used them in MyTesla. My X75D is supposed to enter production in a week

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New 2014 Model S Calendar Tesla

2 days ago The price for the one I just ordered was about $20 (with the 50% coupon code, medium size, CA tax, and cheapest shipping). They have four sizes, but the medium is typical of most calendars and expands to 11" wide by 17" when both the picture and calendar are in view.

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