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You can find it on Goruck.com . GORUCK bridges the civilian and military worlds with rucksacks, footwear, apparel, and events. Backed by a Lifetime Guarantee, GORUCK is proven for life.

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Rucker Rucksack The Best Rucking Backpack GORUCK

5 days ago The GORUCK Rucker is the best rucking backpack and pairs perfectly with Ruck Plates. Backed by our Scars Lifetime Guarantee. Learn More

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GORUCK Events Find Rucking Events Near Me

4 days ago GORUCK holds over 1000 ruck events every year for advanced rucking or rucking for beginners. Find a GORUCK event near you.

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What is Rucking? Rucking 101 GORUCK

4 days ago "Rucking is the perfect study break for those of us doing long days in the library. We would take mid day breaks to throw a ruck on, get our blood flowing, and enjoy the natural sunlight before hitting the books for a few (or many) more hours.

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GORUCK Rucksacks the Best Backpack Is a Rucksack

5 days ago GORUCK produces the world's toughest military inspired rucksacks, rucking backpacks, bags, and gear. Made of the same material used by Army Special Forces operators and backed by our SCARS lifetime guarantee, GORUCK rucksacks are perfect for travel, everyday carry, rucking, and just about anything else you decide to use them for. Shop now

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Firearms Training Pistol and Rifle Courses by GORUCK

4 days ago THE HIGHEST CALIBER INSTRUCTION OUTSIDE OF SPECIAL FORCES TRAINING. GORUCK Cadre are world class shooters and teachers, having honed their skills by firing millions of rounds and instructing hundreds of thousands of students in both training and in war.

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GORUCK GR1 The World's Best Rucksack Backpack

4 days ago The GORUCK GR1 is the world’s toughest tactical rucksack for Everyday Carry (EDC) and rucking. Made of military grade materials and covered by our Scars Lifetime Guarantee. Shop Now

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Light Challenge Team Building Events GORUCK

5 days ago 4-5 hours, 7-10 miles. GORUCK LIGHT = FUN ON A TEAM. If you can do a 5K at a 5K pace then you can do the GORUCK Light Challenge. Sign up here.

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GORUCK Constellation Urban Survival Event

5 days ago GORUCK Constellation is a scenario-driven event led by GORUCK’s Special Forces Cadre, all experts in urban survival. You and your small cell will move through a series of tasks and checkpoints–the stars that form the constellations in the urban terrain.

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Challenge Pants - GORUCK

6 days ago Tough, Technical Pants. ToughDry® fabric is the same material used in our Simple Pants and Challenge Shorts Super fast-drying, abrasion resistant with 2-way stretch; Cargo pockets feature interior drain holes and zip securely to the back

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GORUCK Selection The Toughest Endurance Event in the

4 days ago Selection is an individual event. Our Cadre will enforce a standard adopted from our roots in Special Forces Assessment and Selection. Those participants who do not meet the standard at any point will be performance dropped at our discretion.

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Apparel - GORUCK

5 days ago GORUCK bridges the civilian and military worlds with rucksacks, footwear, apparel, and events. Backed by a Lifetime Guarantee, GORUCK gear is proven for life.

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Performance Apparel Built in the USA GORUCK

4 days ago USA Built Apparel. Performance Apparel. Built in the USA. Our performance apparel is proudly 0% cotton and 100% built in Spokane, Washington, USA. Get to know Joe, whose team builds every piece of GORUCK's performance apparel. Learn why it took him over two years to agree to work with GORUCK, and what it takes to be a successful manufacturer in

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The GORUCK Challenge Explained - GORUCK News & Stories

2 days ago But more importantly I was mentally prepared and willing to give back and to help others. Now was the time to return the favor and pay back in full to the GoRuck family. Instead of being carried, I was the first to volunteer to carry others. I carried our team weight a good amount of the time, plus other team coupons.

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Rucksacks - GR2 - GORUCK

5 days ago GR2 is carry-on compliant, hands-free, because roll bags suck. It's got a bombproof laptop compartment and the design is patterned after Special Forces medical rucks aka tons of pockets and tons of organization.

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Ruck Plates Weight Plates for Rucksacks GORUCK

4 days ago Shop Ruck Plates (for GR1) *45LB Ruck Plates® will fit into the interior elastic pocket, but do not strap in vertically so they are better suited for upright rucking, not GORUCK Challenges (think bear crawls). **Because Bullet Rucks do not strap Ruck Plates® in vertically, they are better suited for upright rucking, not GORUCK Challenges (again, think bear crawls) – though we have seen

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Compare Rucksacks GORUCK

4 days ago GORUCK bridges the civilian and military worlds with rucksacks, footwear, apparel, and events. Backed by a Lifetime Guarantee, GORUCK gear is proven for life.

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The King of All Rucks: Bragg Heavy 2020 - GORUCK News

4 days ago At 1330, two participants were already on site as the Cadre went about making preparations, unloading and preparing the various coupons, and other support gear. As I looked around the compound I felt very much at home – the red clay dirt, scruffy grass, scrub oak trees and longleaf pines told me I was back in North Carolina.

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Tun Tavern GORUCK Tough AAR by Caitlin Eiben - GORUCK News

2 days ago Cadre Andy tells us we are heading to the site of Tun Tavern. As we start, everyone is relaxed, sharing the few coupons that remain, things are smooth. We share stories of what each troop had to do. Morale is high, frustrations are low….for now. So, crossing streets legally with 100+ people at the same time is a huge challenge.

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Tough Challenge: Singapore, Singapore GORUCK Events

9 days ago See the reason why Singapore is called the “Lion City”, eat chicken rice at a hawker stand, and carry some coupons with your team while building cohesion on the lawn of the Marina Bay Sands. 10-12 HOURS, 15-20 MILES. THE ORIGINAL CHALLENGE. AVERAGE COMPLETION RATE: 94%

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