Coupon legal definition of Coupon by Law Insider

You can find it on . Coupon or “Coupons” means any interest coupon or coupons, as the case may be, appertaining to any Dated Subordinated Debt Securities and includes any talons for further interest coupons.

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Verified Inc

6 days ago Inc – LEASE BY AND BETWEEN DIVCO WEST REAL ESTATE SERVICES, INC., a Delaware corporation AS LANDLORD and COUPONS, INC., a California corporation AS TENANT For Premises located at: 400 Logue Avenue Mountain View, California (January 31st, 2014)

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Coupons Sample Clauses - Law Insider

4 days ago Coupons. Media hereby grants Capital the exclusive right to purchase from all Stores (or, in the alternative, from Media) the Coupons accepted by such Stores from customers for redemption in accordance with the rules and regulations established from time to time by the issuers of such Coupons (the "Exclusive Purchase Right").

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promotional competition’’ legal definition of

1 days ago Define ‘‘promotional competition’’. means any competition, game, scheme, arrangement, system, plan or device for distributing prizes by lot or chance if—

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Coupon book legal definition of Coupon book by Law Insider

1 days ago Coupon book means a bound collection of coupons that are redeemable by a merchant or several designated merchants and includes, such things as dining or entertainment discount clubs.

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Discount legal definition of Discount by Law Insider

2 days ago Discount as used in this solicitation, means a reduc- tion to catalog prices (published or unpublished). Discounts include, but are not limited to, rebates, quantity discounts, pur- chase option credits, and any other terms or conditions other than concessions) which reduce the amount of money a cus- tomer ultimately pays for goods or services ordered or received.

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Manufacturer coupon legal definition of Manufacturer

2 days ago Define Manufacturer coupon. means "any certificate provided to a consumer that provides by its terms that the consumer is entitled to a discount on his or her purchase of drugs, either: (A) at the point-of-purchase, through a reduction equal to the face value of the coupon up to the amount the consumer is required to pay the entity that dispenses the drugs, or (B) subsequent to the purchase

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Coupon Period legal definition of Coupon Period by Law

2 days ago Define Coupon Period. means the period beginning on (and including) the Issue Date and ending on (but excluding) the first Coupon Payment Date and each successive period beginning on (and including) a Coupon Payment Date and ending on (but excluding) the next succeeding Coupon Payment Date.

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5 days ago Define CASH-QUANTITY-TRADE DISCOUNTS. means (A) damaged and returned merchandise payments and allowances; (B) incentive discounts for (i) ordering in quantity to receive reduced price and/or (ii) payment within a stipulated time period; (C) trade & cash discounts & allowances; (D) value added tax, other taxes or duties, (E) quantity discounts and bracket pricing, to the extent included in

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Definition of Rule 144A Global Certificate - Law Insider

6 days ago Define Rule 144A Global Certificate. means, with respect to any Class of Certificates offered and sold in reliance on Rule 144A or to certain Institutional Accredited Investors, a single, permanent global Certificate, in definitive, fully registered form without interest coupons.

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Regulation S Temporary Global Certificate legal

9 days ago Regulation S Temporary Global Certificate means, with respect to any Class of Certificates offered and sold outside of the United States in reliance on Regulation S, a single temporary global Certificate, in definitive, fully registered form without interest coupons.

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Certificated Note legal definition of - Law Insider

2 days ago Certificated Note means a certificated note in registered certificated form in the name of the Holder thereof and issued in accordance with Section 2.06 hereof, in the form of Exhibit A hereto, except that such Note shall not bear the Global Note Legend and shall not have the "Schedule of Exchanges of Interests in the Global Note" attached thereto.

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Form and Payment Sample Clauses

5 days ago Form and Payment.Except as provided in Section 2.4, the Notes shall be issued in fully registered certificated form without interest coupons. Principal and interest on the Notes issued in certificated form will be payable, the transfer of such Notes will be registrable and such Notes will be exchangeable for Notes bearing identical terms and provisions at the office or agency of the Trustee

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Aggregate Reserves legal definition of Aggregate

3 days ago Aggregate Reserves means, on any day, an amount equal to the Discounted Eligible Receivables Balance times the GREATEST of (i) 10%, (ii) the Default Reserve Ratio as computed in the most recent Settlement Report and (iii) the Excess Concentration Reserve Ratio as computed on the most recent Settlement Date, PROVIDED, that the Aggregate Reserves shall be no less than the greatest of (a

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Deductions for Unmatured Coupons Sample Clauses

2 days ago Deductions for unmatured Coupons.In the case of definitive Notes, if the relevant Final Terms specify that the Fixed Rate Note Provisions are applicable and unless Condition 10(g) is specified as applicable and a Note is presented without all unmatured Coupons relating thereto:

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VCI Electronic Coupons, Inc.

5 days ago View VCI Electronic Coupons, Inc. contracts and agreements from SEC filings. Including company executives, business partners, clauses and more.

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Promotional Spend legal definition of Promotional Spend

7 days ago Define Promotional Spend. means all out-of-pocket costs and expenses directly related to the Existing Products that are paid to Third Parties by Impax (other than the costs and expenses of a Third Party sales force and for purchase of Existing Product samples) in connection with the Commercialization of the Existing Products under this Agreement, including: (i) local marketing and marketing

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Promotional Allowances legal definition of Promotional

2 days ago Promotional Allowances means the value of goods and services given to customers of the Managed Facility on a complimentary basis, such as complimentary food, beverages, accommodations, entertainment and parking, promotions, credits or discounts provided to any customer, any permitted or awarded “free play” and credits, coupons and vouchers issued for redemption by a customer as well as the

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Local Advertising legal definition of - Law Insider

4 days ago Local Advertising means any coupons, savings notices, free gifts, rebates, free trials or other promotional discounts or purchase incentives offered by an Advertiser that relates to either: (a) a neighborhood retail store, restaurant, service or other business located in a specific Franchise Zone, or (b) a neighborhood retail store, restaurant, service or other business which is located

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Subordination of Debt Securities Sample Clauses

10 days ago Subordination of Debt Securities.Section 1801. Debt Securities Subordinate to Senior Debt. The Company covenants and agrees that anything in this Indenture or the Debt Securities of any series to the contrary notwithstanding, the indebtedness evidenced by the Debt Securities of each series and any coupons appurtenant thereto is subordinate and junior in right of payment to all Senior Debt to

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Trade discount legal definition of Trade discount by Law

2 days ago Trade discount does not include any off-invoice allowances that a wholesale dealer is required, either directly or indirectly, to pass on to a retail dealer or any rebates or coupons as defined in this Chapter that a wholesale or retail dealer is required to offer to the end consumer, but is reimbursed for, either directly or indirectly, by

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Unrestricted Global Certificate legal definition of

6 days ago Unrestricted Global Certificate means the global certificate in registered form without interest coupons attached deposited with Deutsche Bank AG, London Branch, as common depository for Euroclear and Clearstream, Luxembourg representing the Notes sold to non U.S. Persons outside the United States in reliance on Regulation S.

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Global Note legal definition of Global Note by Law Insider

1 days ago Global Note means any Note issued in fully-registered certificated form to DTC (or its nominee), as depositary for the beneficial owners thereof, which shall be substantially in the form of Exhibit A, with the appropriate legends as specified in Section 2.7 and Exhibit A.

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Exchange of Talons Sample Clauses - Law Insider

5 days ago Exchange of Talons.On or after the maturity date of the final Coupon which is (or was at the time of issue) part of a Coupon Sheet relating to the Notes, the Talon forming part of such Coupon Sheet may be exchanged at the Specified Office of the Principal Paying Agent for a further Coupon Sheet (including, if appropriate, a further Talon) but excluding any Coupons in respect of which claims

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Definition of Adjusted gross receipts - Law Insider

6 days ago Adjusted gross receipts means the dollar amount that is won by the casino licensee through play at live table games, which is the total of United States currency, chips, front money or markers contained in the drop box, plus ending chip inventory, minus opening chip inventory, plus chip credits, minus table fills, minus match play coupons.

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Date and Denomination of Notes; Payments of Interest and

3 days ago Date and Denomination of Notes; Payments of Interest and Defaulted Amounts a) The Notes shall be issuable in registered form without coupons in denominations of $1,000 principal amount and integral multiples thereof.Each Note shall be dated the date of its authentication and shall bear interest from the date specified on the face of such Note.

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Definitive Bearer Note legal definition of Definitive

3 days ago Define Definitive Bearer Note. means a definitive Bearer Note substantially in the form set out in Exhibit E hereto or in such other form as may be agreed by the parties hereto, in each case issued or to be issued by the Bank pursuant to this Agreement in exchange for the whole or a part of a Permanent Bearer Global Note;

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Incidental benefit legal definition of - Law Insider

2 days ago Define Incidental benefit. means anything valued in excess of $100 provided by the developer that is acquired by a purchaser upon acquisition of a time-share and includes without limitation exchange rights, travel insurance, bonus weeks, upgrade entitlements, travel coupons, referral awards, and golf and tennis packages. An incidental benefit is not a time-share or an exchange program.

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Definition of Rule 144A Global Note - Law Insider

6 days ago Rule 144A Global Note means, with respect to any Series and Class of Notes, a single global Note representing such Series and Class, in definitive, fully registered form without interest coupons, which Note does not bear a Regulation S Legend.

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Any Definitive Notes Issued in Exchange for a Global Note

2 days ago Any reference herein to Coupons or coupons shall, unless the context otherwise requires, be deemed to include a reference to Talons or talons. Definitive Notes repayable in instalments have receipts (“Receipts”) for the payment of the instalments of principal (other than the final instalment) attached on issue.

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