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You can find it on Ruck.beer . There are a number of ways to save on your next GORUCK event or gear purchase. Below are the latest discount and coupon codes for GORUCK.com. 30% off Events (including survival and firearm) Use code SFLESSONS to save 30% off GORUCK challenges, survival, and firearm events. Good through March 4, 2018. 25% off Earned Service Discount – Ongoing

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20% Off GORUCK Discount Referral Program - Ruck Dot Beer

2 days ago I “assume” that if someone uses your link and makes a purchase, you’ll get a 20% off coupon code emailed to you. Or, perhaps, you have to hit a certain number of sales before you get a code. I really don’t know how it all works, but 20% off is way better than the 10% off you can get here. I’ll update the page when more details come out.

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GORUCK 9/11 DC Heavy - AAR - Class 131 - Ruck Dot Beer

10 days ago Rucking with coupons is my bread and butter. It is were I feel strongest and where I believe I can contribute most to the team. As we walked in the darkness of night, I asked myself, “What the heck just happened!?!?” I began to assess my mental and physical condition. It was here that I began to feel like the issue was my hydration and food.

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goruck-coupon-code - Ruck Dot Beer

2 days ago goruck-coupon-code. AD - Save $30 on Whoop 3.0 and get the data you need to improve your rucking! Written By. Ryan Burns. I'm just a normal guy with the worst hobby ever. I have one kidney, 3 kids, an amazing wife.

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Confessions of a Grey Man - GORUCK Tough Class #2157 AAR

2 days ago But, we didn’t have any coupons and I’ve always wanted the chance to carry the colors. What an honor. So, we headed out and I flew the flag high. If I was going to do it, I was going to fly it so that every team member could look up and see Old Glory leading the way home.

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GORUCK Glossary - Ruck Dot Beer

2 days ago Coupons always add, never deduct. CTHT – Choose The Harder Thing. Something GRTs are supposed to do. Always difficult, always rewarding. DFQ – Don’t Fucking Quit; a salutation or rallying cry for GRTs to offer encouragement to themselves or each other.

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Free GORUCK Training Guides - Ruck Dot Beer

4 days ago From short rucks with sucky coupons to long weekend grinders, this is a great guide for your training. Finally, if you’ve got a newbie looking for a GORUCK Light Training Plan, then this guide is a great way to get them introduced to rucking and ready for their first event. The miles, PT, and loads are lighter, but like the Light, that doesn

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9/11 GORUCK NYC HTL AAR - 2019 - Ruck Dot Beer

9 days ago The 9/11 Memorial GORUCK events are, hands down, some of the best events that GORUCK puts on. My first Heavy was a 9/11 event and it impacted me deeply. Below, Erin Turowski shares her experience at the GORUCK 9/11 NYC event. During the event, she earned her HTL bolts. Her AAR is below. == Event:

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GORUCK HTL Redemption - Ruck Dot Beer

4 days ago I can’t remember how the whole situation went down, but I know that there was a coupon code and my buddy Paul involved. Even if I wanted to quit, I had paid the coin for this event and there was a sense of obligation to do it.

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IFQ - Failing My HTL - AAR - Ruck Dot Beer

2 days ago In the moment, I felt good about my decision. It brought great relief to know that the pain and suffering was over. I was done. I could relax knowing that I didn’t need to put my ruck back on, pick up any coupons, or do any more PT.

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CrossFitter does a GORUCK - Ruck Dot Beer

3 days ago The ruck, sandbags, logs, other humans… lifting, moving, pressing, carrying, all these items (usually referred to as coupons) took all I did in the box and varied it in a way I would never have done otherwise. Also, the environment was completely different. Working out in the comfort of the box is one thing.

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Who Does GORUCK Events? - Ruck Dot Beer - Ruck.Beer

9 days ago The Saboteur, a subspecies of the Blue Falcon, but shows up with the weighted flag pole and extra coupons just because he wants to make sure everyone gets a little more good livin’.

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GORUCK T/L Tough/Light AAR - Ruck Dot Beer

9 days ago Having more frequent exposure to fun things like coupons, team weights, and other Good Livin’, I felt much better physically prepared for these events. Motivation. I was attempting my first T/L with one main objective: Find out if I can last through 24 hours of GORUCK love.

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Team Spearhead Pathfinder Training Program AAR - Ruck Dot Beer

2 days ago Move 80 Pounds Of Coupons For Every 2 Men In Group > 10 miles. Ruck a distance of 12 miles in 3.5 hours or less (17:30/mi pace) Marathon Ruck (Ruck >= 26.2 miles with full challenge weight) Ruck 100 miles on top of the basic requirement (total of 200 miles in 12 weeks) Score a minimum of 250 on the APFT

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Joe Warner Memorial Bragg Heavy AAR - 2017 - Ruck Dot Beer

10 days ago Coupons included whiskey barrels, a manhole cover, a scooter with a 50lb plate, water cans, ammo cans, ammo crates, the “Pain Train” (four sandbags connect via rope in the following order: 120lbs, 80lbs, 60lbs, 120lbs) logs, chains, a piece of girder… basically, just imagine the worst things to carry, and they were included.

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Meet the GRT - Paul Escajadillo - Ruck Dot Beer

8 days ago My first GORUCK event was the 25th Anniversary Mog Mile Tough on Sept 28th, 2018 with Cadre DS (and I’ve now done 3 events with him).. What stands out from that event is the fact that we rucked and carried a bunch of coupons from downtown St Paul to Fort Snelling Cemetery and back, covering over 25 miles throughout the duration of the event.

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Meet the GRT - Jennifer Lee - Ruck Dot Beer

1 days ago I want to be able to focus on carrying coupons and being an asset to my team, rather than on an annoying cut or scrape. What other hobbies do you have? I enjoy traveling. Being good at running and rucking allows me to make the most of those opportunities to explore the world, whether it’s in an urban environment or in more rugged areas. I

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HTL Training - Week 9 - Ruck Dot Beer

2 days ago This is what I did during week 9 of my training for the 9/11 GORUCK HTL in Washington DC. Wednesday, August 3 Gym 25-20-15-10-5 Thrusters (65lb) Burpee Box Jumps (24in) Sit-ups Notes: 14:47. Nice grind. REALLY didn’t want to do the workout. But pushed hard once the clock beeped. Thursday, August 4 LAZY DAY Notes: Do I even RUCK

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HTL Training - Week 8 - Ruck Dot Beer

9 days ago This is what I did during week 8 of my training for the 9/11 GORUCK HTL in Washington DC. Wednesday, July 27 Ruck PT 40# ruck 30 minutes (40 sec work, 20 sec rest/transition) 1. Ruck Overhead Lunge 2. Push-ups 3. 4ct Flutter Kicks Ruck Over Head Notes: That was hard. Also, was the final check mark

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HTL Training - Week 12 - Ruck Dot Beer

2 days ago 1 mile ruck with lots of heavy coupons. 30 minute time hack. 50 PT movements of your choice (I did push-ups). Notes: Everything went really well, considering I had just completed the 12 miler. However, once I got home I completely crashed for an hour. Also, the 12 miler put me over the 200 mile mark for this training cycle.

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HTL Training - Week 10 - Ruck Dot Beer

2 days ago This is what I did during week 10 of my training for the 9/11 GORUCK HTL in Washington DC. Wednesday, August 10 Off Day Notes: Work meeting kept me out of the gym. Thursday, August 11 Ruck to and from Gym (3.5 miles total) Bench Press (1,1,1+) WOD: 21 Overhead Lunge (45# plate) 30 Burpees 50 situps For

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2019 GORUCK Tough Battle of the Bulge AAR - Ruck Dot Beer

5 days ago We carried this stuff what felt like 10 miles, it was only like 3 miles but it was a long hard 3 miles because we also had the coupons from the tough class. The food was broken down into 2 40 pound sandbags, an 80 pound sandbag, a 5.11 Rush24 pack, the litter, plus the two team weights.

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