What Is a Credit Card Promo Code? Chron.com

You can find it on Work.chron.com . Credit card offers arrive in the mail every week for many Americans. To convince recipients to open credit accounts, card manufacturers offer special benefits to customers. These benefits, called promotions, are targeted to certain customers, and those customers are provided with special codes. These promotion -- or

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How to Get Certified for ASME Welding Chron.com

1 days ago Businesses that want to prove the quality of welded metal products can request ASME certification. To work on an ASME certified products, welders need training from an accredited institution. The ASME code stamp on the products shows the manufacturer meets the ASME's high standards.

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The Advantages of Promotion From Within Chron.com

2 days ago Promoting from within a company boosts morale and helps keep productivity high. New employees can see the potential for growth. If your employees know there is a potential career path within the organization, you are less likely to lose promising staff to another organization. Employees are more likely to take

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Ideas for Candy Marketing Chron.com

2 days ago Even if consumers don’t redeem the coupon, it’s a cost-effective method of advertising. Candy manufacturers can enlist the help of a checkout coupon company, which sets up a program to print coupons at the checkout based on what is in people’s shopping carts. This delivers coupons to the people most likely to buy candy products.

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Code of Conduct for Firefighters Chron.com

1 days ago The Code. The Firefighters Code of Ethics is a 15-point pledge that requires individual firefighters to promise to act responsibility, and with integrity, both on and off the job.

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How to Be a Good Grocery Cashier Chron.com

1 days ago Being a good grocery cashier involves more than just ringing up purchased items for customers. A good cashier is knowledgeable about the store and its products, is fast and efficient and serves as a customer service representative for her employer. She is also respectful of her customers’ time and makes every effort

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How to Convert Military Experience for ASE Certification

1 days ago To earn a certification from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), you must pass a certification exam. You must also present verifiable evidence of two years' work in vehicle diagnosis and repair. If your military experience included this type of work, your military records will show both

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Pipe Welding 6G Certification Chron.com

2 days ago Process. The process for obtaining pipe welding 6G certification varies from provider to provider. When obtaining certification directly from the American Welding Society, the applicant must complete the certification registration form, which includes personal information, what types of certification the applicant is attempting and the applicant's test score.

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Can Your Employer Force You to Have Group Health Insurance

1 days ago Group health insurance is a benefit employers may offer their workers, and in many cases, their employees’ dependents. Health care coverage typically includes medical and dental coverage, and sometimes vision. A large number of Americans obtain health insurance coverage through their employer. As an employee, you

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The Job Description of a People Greeter Chron.com

1 days ago When you're entering the unknown, it usually helps to meet a friendly face. In some establishments, you'll be greeted by the staff members doing other jobs at the same time, but in other places, greeting people is a job all its own. The job is often an entry-level position that doesn't require any prior experience.

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What Do I Do With My Suit If I'm Traveling to an Interview

2 days ago Garment Bag. A hanging garment bag is an ideal way to carry your suit to an interview, whether you travel by car, bus or airplane. Hang the suit inside the bag and zip it up carefully to avoid catching the jacket in the zipper.

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What Are Successful Employee Reward Systems? Chron.com

1 days ago An employee reward system should motivate employees to perform at their highest level. Job security and opportunities for advancement encourage employees to take pride in their work. As you devise an employee reward system for your business, keep in mind there is no right or wrong system. Ask for input from your staff

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How to Learn to Be a Cashier Chron.com

1 days ago Cashiers also must know how to apply coupons and discounts. In addition to handling cash transactions, cashiers must process credit and debit cards, gift cards and returned items. Cashier training will cover how to answer customer questions, promote sales and how to bag merchandise.

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The Top Five Responsibilities of a Bakery Manager Chron.com

1 days ago Daily specials, coupons and drawings are some of the ways that a business manager might use to pique customer interest. Staff should be praised for friendly and prompt service. Additionally, the business manager is responsible for solving any sort of complaints that arise.

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List of Job Duties of a Promotions Manager Chron.com

1 days ago To get prospects to buy, promotions managers can offer special discounts or rebates, free samples, coupons that customers can redeem against a purchase, or free gifts. Campaign Development Promotions managers work with designers and writers or promotional agencies to develop the creative theme for the campaign.

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How to Make Retail Clerk Sound Good on My Resume Chron.com

2 days ago Retail clerk experience can make your resume stand out from the rest when you focus on your detail-oriented strengths and effective people skills. Retail clerks interact with customers, perform financial transactions, sort and display merchandise and balance their cash registers so strong communication skills and

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How Much Does a Barber Get Paid? Chron.com

2 days ago Unlike hairstylists and hairdressers, barbers cater primarily to male clientele. They trim and cut hair, beards and mustaches, and may also fit hairpieces. Barbers typically have a postsecondary certification or an associate degree. As of 2011, all states in the U.S. require barbers to be licensed before practicing.

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Salary of a Refinery Operator Chron.com

3 days ago Refinery operators direct the flow of oil and petroleum products between tanks and through pipelines. The job does not usually have formal educational requirements, but it does require on-the-job training upon hiring. According to O*NET OnLine, 72 percent of refinery operators and petroleum pump system operators held

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How to Become an H&R Block Tax Preparer Chron.com

5 days ago H&R Block tax professionals must demonstrate a certain level of tax knowledge. The required knowledge base is established and tested according to H&R Block's standards. Most tax professionals begin as entry-level seasonal tax preparers, but opportunities for year-round employment and management positions may be

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